Here are 3 exercises that will light-up your Thanksgiving.

Yes, exercises of gratitude.

They are not easy to do and will require effort. Here you go:

3 Non-Cheesy Ways to be Thankful

  1. Call Someone
    • specifically, call someone you’ve gone months or even years without speaking to.
    • Be sure to tell them you love and care about.
    • Tell them you miss them.
    • Simply catch up.
    • If they don’t answer, leave a heartfelt message on their voicemail. DO NOT text. They need to hear YOUR voice.
  2. Write a Letter
    • This falls in line with the previous suggestion.
    • If you’re a better writer than talker, I suggest putting your thoughts down in a letter.
  3. Go Out in Nature
    • Walk around in peace and quite
    • Observe the trees and the sky
    • Take deep breathes
    • Think about the blessings you have in your life.
      • people who love and support you
      • places you’ve visited
      • opportunities granted to you