Janie is not only a client, but she and I were classmates and colleagues at the University of Tennessee. We worked together in the Lady Vols Athletic Department as Student Assistant Athletic Trainers. I consider Janie a friend and, quite, frankly a role model.

Janie came to me because she wanted to get stronger. She found it difficult to figure out when to exercise working as a medical resident. It was important for Janie to get stronger because she is tiny, and some of the athletes, or people she worked on were not tiny.

What is not tiny about Janie is what I believe helps define who she is; her faith. Look at the scripture on the wall behind her. It says, “1 Corinthians 15:58.” This is what this piece of scripture reads:

“Be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the truth of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

Janie has been an amazing client. She’s great at communicating and asks good questions. She let’s me know if a workout is too hard or too easy. She is clear when she does or does not understand an exercise. Most importantly, she sets specific goals with a specific deadline. This is why her training program has been successful.

Most of Janie’s workouts are compacted into a small time frame and take place in her home. I designed a program for her that focuses on building strength and stamina. This inevitably results in lean, strong muscles and an ability for her to do her job better. Doing her job was very important to Janie, more so than having looking lean, fit muscles.

Janie is a phenomenal doctor and a SUPER strong person inside and out. She is brave and steadfast. She is loyal, dependable, faithful, and fully committed. And there is nothing tiny about that.


Rita is amazing!! **Rita’s bio is currently being written.

How long have you been training with Christian?
What were your goals when you started training with Christian?
What would you say to someone considering training with Christian?
What has surprised you the most since you started training with Christian?
Did you have any fears or apprehension before you started training with Christian?


I have known Christian Bossert for seven years, starting as he honed his skills as an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee.

About a year ago, at my Doctor’s office weigh in, the scale read 205. I knew I was overweight, but assumed I was about 185…

Over the past year, online, on phone, and by email with Christian, his guidance and encouragement helped me cultivate healthier habits. I now weigh in at 172, feeling so much more energized and capable of moderate exercise.

There were lots of small steps, and God willing I’ll keep up these healthy habits. If your thinking of healthy, moderate change for the better, Christian can help!

Thanks, Christian!



Choose Christian now. Do not wait. Since May I have overthought my review and that stops now. Not for Christian but for you. No matter age, gender, etc.. What ever walk of life you are do it now! Without a doubt you will achieve your physical goals. And if your willing, so much more. Christian is simply the ?! Super Duper! And everything in between. Do this for you. You will be so happy you did- Have fun!


Chris has a unique method for strength training that also gives flexibility benefits as well. I’m getting good results physically, but beyond that, he achieves fitness with a holistic approach.


Christian was my trainer for 2 1/2 years. He is by far the most dedicated and comprehensive trainer I have worked with. I found it to be challenging and effective but also manageable in terms of time. Christian was unfailingly supportive and positive. I recommend him highly.


Christian is a personal trainer who came to my house and worked with me. My body, energy level and mood changed tremendously for the better. He is professional and knowledgeable. Christian was always on time and had a great, can-do attitude. He is an awesome listener and helped me figure out what I needed from his workout and then planned a program just for my needs. I highly recommend him to everyone no matter what your current weight or physical level is. Just try one session and you will be hooked! The only thing he could do to improve my experience would be to move back to my hometown!!!