I believe most of us want to be proud of the way we look. This means toned muscle and less body fat. 

Let’s dish out a super simplified answer to, “how do I look better in a bathing suit?”

Lose body fat and make your muscles stronger. .

How do I lose body fat? 

Eat less calories than I burn. If I eat less calories than my body burns in a day I will lose body fat. This is a scientific fact.

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow Christian. You have blown my mind. You know that eating less and burning more calories equals less body fat.” 

To this, I would say, “Thank you. I am soo smart.”

Anyways, here is a two step process. I guarantee you can chart a sure fire way  to get the desirable result you want. 

  1. Figure out your metabolism (click here)
  2. Track how many calories you eat (use a helpful free app such as MyFitnessPal

One pound of body fat equals roughly 3,500 calories (click here to read more about body fat and 3,500 calories). This means in order to lose one pound of fat in a week, I must eat 3,500 calories less than what I burn in a week. 

STAY with me 🙂 

I weigh 200 lbs. My RMR (click here to read what resting metabolism is) is 2,220 calories a day. If I do nothing all day but sit and eat three meals my body will burn 2,220 calories. 

If I want to lose one pound of body fat in a week, I have to eat 500 calories less than 2,200 calories each day (1,700 calories) that week. If I stick to 1,700 calories a day AND exercise I will lose more than one pound of body fat that week. 

Make sense? 

The muscle strengthening component is a bit more complicated. I suggest taking a strength training class 1-2 times a week or hiring a personal trainer, of finding a friend who is competent with strength training to help you out. 

If you need help figuring out your metabolism or not sure what to do about strength training send me a private message.

There you have it. A fool-proof plan to look good in a bathing suit!!