I have outlets to discuss openly what is going on in my life. This comes in the form of groups or a trusted friend or family member who listens to me. The purpose mutually beneficial. We discuss what is going on inside our heads. What is going on inside our soul. We talk about feelings, goals, struggles, fears, victories, annoyances, and anything else that we see as important.  

For me, my social support network comes in the form of my Men’s Small Group, Mastermind, and talking on the phone to a close friend or family member. They may offer advice, but are quite selective in their decision to do so. If I can find a solution by vocalizing an issue, they give me that opportunity.

The frequency of these discussions is vital. My Men’s Small Group meets once a week, phone calls with a close friend or family member occurs once or twice a week, and our Mastermind meets once every three weeks. I believe the weekly mental, emotional, spiritual check-ins with people is a vital component to my overall health and happiness. It’s insanely important to talk to someone you know, trust, and love frequently.

It is important that the social support network is mutual. There must be a give and receive relationship. If I’m doing all the receiving and no giving, or vice versa, the relationship is destined to collapse.   

If you have a strong support network, consider yourself lucky. It is one of life’s true gifts. If you do not, take five quiet minutes to think about people who you know you can trust. Reach out to them and see if they have time to talk. It will be one of the best decisions you can make.

As we all know, life can be tough. It’s even harder when we try to do it alone.