An interesting component of getting married and living with my wife is hearing her say things that leave me feeling puzzled. 

Let me explain.

Recently, my wife joyfully exclaimed, “I noticed I’m having more skinny days than fat days.” In my mind this instantly brought the thought,“What? More skinny days than fat days? That doesn’t make any sense? What is she talking about?”

Generally, it’s a good idea to think before you speak. This is  ESPECIALLY true when your wife is talking about her weight. 

To get to the bottom of this mystery I asked her, “Hmm, more skinny days than fat days? That’s great! What do you mean by that?” 

Side note. I’ve noticed my wife has formulated pretty good habits lately. I do in fact think she’s gorgeous, however I genuinely did not know what she meant by her “skinny day” statement. 

Let’s take a dive into what “more skinny days than fat days” means to her. 

The Meaning of “More skinny days than fat days”

The personal trainer in me couldn’t help but investigate the true meaning behind a “skinny day.”

I asked my wife, “How do you define a skinny day?” 

Ashley responds by saying, “If my stomach is flat I feel like I’m having a skinny day. If I feel bloated and puffy, that’s a fat day. I notice some weeks my thighs are smaller than other weeks. When I’m eating healthier and working out more I feel like I have more muscle definition all over.”

I thought to myself, “simple enough.” I continued to ask more questions. For those who know my wife, she isn’t one to give one word answers. 

I ask her, “Ashley, what have you been eating lately?”

She says, “I eat low-sugar, high fiber, high protein oatmeal with blueberries and strawberries for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll have one of your healthy green smoothies, or Raw Organic Meal

I’m eating lean meats for lunch or low-sodium veggie filled soups or salads. 

We have something different every night for dinner. Some nights we have healthy hearty greens, like asparagus, with a lean protein. Usually chicken or salmon. On an unhealthy night I’ll have Thai or pizza. I make sure I workout extra hard the next day if I eat unhealthy. 

I cut back on unhealthy options. I eat a lot less fast food and way less sugar. Instead of ice cream, I’ll have a dark chocolate covered banana. I used to eat a pint of ice cream whenever I got a craving.

I’ve been eating a lot more vitamins and drinking a lot more water, especially with lemons. The lemon water curbs my cravings and makes me feel like I’m at a spa.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I’m drinking less. When I do have something to drink it’s wine and non-sugary cocktails. Only skinny margaritas, but sometimes I have a real cosmo.”

My takeaway

My wife’s body is responding very well to a diet that is mostly non-processed foods. We’re talking low-sodium and less added-sugar in the foods she’s been choosing. 

Her diet consists mostly of fruits, vegetables, fish, and lean meats. It seems she has minimized simple carbohydrates. The most common simple carbs are the comforting foods like breads, cakes, cookies, and pasta. 

She is drinking far more water and limiting alcohol.

She is consistently getting a good night of sleep. 

To me, this indicates her inflammation levels are much lower. NOW the “skinny day” reference is beginning to make sense.

Her equation

From this information, I developed a theory that may promote a more skinny days than fat days equation. 

(Fruits+veggies+hydration) + (less fast food+less alcohol+less simple carbs) x (regular exercise +better sleep) =

“I noticed I’m having more skinny days than fat days!”