1 Why focus on water?

  • Drinking plenty of water is healthy for us. We know this. It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t think hydrating with water isn’t a good idea
  • When you have a specific goal (80 oz.) to achieve by a specific time (end of the day) we’re better at eliminating distractions. 

Specific goal with a specific deadline

2 Your organs need it.

  • When you are well hydrated, every organs functions at a high level
  • The last organ to receive water? Your skin

Optimal hydration leads to optimal skin

3 Consistency

  • Wake up and drink 16 oz of water.
  • Drink steadily throughout the day. Avoid chugging.
  • Aim for 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces plus ten
    • ex. I weigh 200 lbs.
    • 200/2 = 100
    • 100+10= 110. I aim for 110 or more oz. of water daily
  • Consistently drink plenty of water and you will strengthen your confidence in yourself.

Consistency builds confidence.