It’s a lock. A question at least one person will ask. I may be at a party, random event, or a family gathering. Someone will inevitably ask, “Is it better to do cardio or strength training?” 

This is an excellent question. Know why?

They are trying to learn. They want to better themselves. Somewhere in their mind they want to become a healthier version of themselves. 

The answer purely depends on what you mean by “weight loss.” Most people want to lose unwanted body fat. We’ll answer this ‘cardio or strength training’ question with this goal in mind.

Christian’s Answer

A combination of cardio and strength training is your best best. The two compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly or almond butter and a locally produced jam. Yeah, much healthier analogy.  

Minute per minute, cardio simply burns more calories than strength training. Strength training, however, is going to boost our metabolism, firm our muscles, AND make us more flexible while minimizing our aches and pains. 

With this said, aim for 4-5 days of working out each week. If what we want to do is lose unwanted body fat, we want to schedule when we work out. Honor your working like it’s a doctor appointment. 

I recommend starting with 15 mins of moderate cardio, 15 mins of light strength training, followed by 5 mins of stretching. If you get bored with this, bump your cardio and strength training to 20 mins each.

Follow this pattern for a month and you’ll be well on your way to losing that unwanted body fat.