My Dear fellow millennial men,  

It is time we all wake up. It is time we open our eyes to the truth. I am calling upon all of you, myself included, to rid ourselves and our brothers of a dangerous, mind rotting, destructive drug.

We call this destructive drug pornography. 

The truth is porography cripples our ability to think for ourselves. It eliminates any possibility to act with pure courage. Instead our mind acts out on emotions of fear and anger. We willingly forfeited from our heart one of our greatest strengths we have as human beings, pure unadulterated courage.

There are other drugs that when overindulged in, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, nicotine, rich foods, hamper our ability to live life with authenticity. Authenticity produces courage found within our one-of-a kind hearts. For this letter, I speak towards the poison of pornography. 

In the world around me, not on social media, the REAL WORLD, I see many men my age fearful and holding some degree of self doubt. It breaks my heart to know they know the truth, yet lack the courage to act on it. 

The truth is this: Porn distorts who you are. Let me write that again in all caps. Porn distorts WHO YOU ARE. If you’ve never asked yourself the question, “who am I?” now is a good time. Porn plants seeds of deceit that whisper lies into our minds. The mind becomes a prisoner to self-doubt, hatred, and misery. These lies inevitably manifest themselves into your life and the world around you. 

I’m calling all of us. It is time to hold each other accountable. I am confident in saying this because, for years now, I have lived a life free of porn. I know the formula to freedom and can show you the way. 

We are a heavily damaged generation, but we do have time. There is still time to expel the lies of destruction found through a porn addiction, and replace those lies with fortitude.

Join me, and the many men along my side, as we pursue a life of abundance. Together, we must eliminate the hatred, self-doubt, and lies from in pornography. Once and for all! 

Private message me if you or someone you care about needs help. As I do not regularly check my social media accounts.

I promise you, a life free of this drug is a life lived with courage. A life that produces far more good than you can ever imagine.

I say to you my fellow millennial men, together, let’s WAKE UP get to work!