A client of mine was following a weight loss program. It consisting of fruits and veggies, strategic fasting, along with daily exercise. She eliminated added sugar, preservatives, and alcohol. It was going great until one fateful morning. She weighed 3 pounds heavier than the day before.

She was M. A. D. mad!!

Fortunately her anger was directed at the scale and not at me.

I explained the physiological reason for weight fluctuation. Bad choice by me. This obviously did not imminently resolve the crisis of a 3 pound weight gain.

Once we got into her workout I suggested she take a spa day. Maybe go to the sauna. This was a welcomed suggestion.

She went to a sauna for a proper sweat session. Afterwards she joyfully went to the scale and weighed herself. 4 POUNDS HEAVIER! She weighed 4 pounds more than she did that morning! A 7 pound net gain in 24 hours.

She texted me, “The hell with it all!! I’m drinking this weekend.” And boy did she have herself a weekend. Wine, cheese, and whatever else happens after drinking a couple glasses of wine.

On Monday morning she had a net weight loss of ONE pound. That’s right. One pound lost after THAT weekend.

Let’s make sense of this.

Known Causes of Day-to-Day Scale Fluctuation

1. Fluid Retention

  • A meal higher in sodium can lead to a couple pounds in water weight.

2. Stress & Anxiety

  • elevated levels of stress and anxiety can lead to a greater inflammatory response.

3. Hormonal Changes

  • weight fluctuation is impacted as hormone levels rise and fall

4. Digestion

  • We’re currently digesting a previous meal

Final Thoughts

Our weight changes on a daily basis for a number of reasons.

Be sure to set timely realistic weight loss goals, believe in the process, and don’t undermine the hard work and discipline you’ve developed.

Your hard work does matter. You will have the body you want by staying committed to your program.