How often do you need a reminder to finish a task? Zero? Once? Five? One hundred?

I imagine you know it’s healthy to have something nutritious after a workout. What should we eat after exercise?

Look at post-workout nutrition just like a well-balanced nutrient rich diet. It is not complex. Timing for post-workout nutrition only becomes critical if you’re training for a marathon, sport, or bodybuilding/physique competition.

Most people workout for at least one of these five reasons to:

  1. be healthier
  2. increase muscle strength/tone/flexibility
  3. minimize aches
  4. lower stress
  5. create a physique that makes you proud of the way you look.

Keep in mind, after exercise is the best time for your body to absorb nutrients. If you’re working out for any of the reasons above you will want to be cognizant of the first items that go into your body following a workout.

Also, starving yourself after a workout is a bad idea!

Here are examples of snacks and meals after a workout

  • Fruit smoothie with big scoop of high quality protein powder
  • Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit and no-sugar added granola
  • Rice/quinoa bowl with grilled chicken/fish, fresh veggies, salsa
  • Veggie omelet with Ezekiel bread
  • My favorite meal: 2 cups spinach, extra virgin olive oil, seasoned grilled chicken or fish
  • My favorite on-the-go snack: Raw Organic Meal shake in a Blender Bottle
  • Alcohol is quite possibly the last thing you’d want to have after exercise.
  • Yucky processed and sugary snacks are a very close 2nd (think chips, cookies, and soda)

As you can see it’s quite easy to fuel yourself after exercise. A simple combo of veggies and fruit, protein, and healthy fats.

The fuel we put in our body determines the change in how your body feels and looks. It’s time to start planning for that change.