Many of my clients have struggled with sleep. Falling asleep doesn’t seem to be the problem. Staying asleep and waking up refreshed seems to be a reoccurring issue.

The two most common problems that appear are: 1) waking up three or more times during the night 2.) waking up at 2 or 3am with rambling thoughts and staying awake. Each scenario leaves them groggy when it comes time to wake up.

Through trial and error many of my clients have found solutions. In my experience, different methods work for different people. Hopefully their some of their solutions can help others to sleep soundly, waking up completely refreshed.

  1. Hot shower an hour before bed
    Heat up the body and immediately it cool off. This is therapeutic and calming. It triggers the mind into a peaceful status leaving them ready for a deep sleep.
  2. Cool the room temp
    One client swears by 65°F. Remarkably, dropping the room temperature solved his sleeping issues. If that’s too cold, try 68°F.
  3. Turn room into a cave
    Absolute darkness signals to our brain it is time for a deep sleep. Afraid of tripping in case you need a midnight bathroom break? Check out this motion sensor bedroom floor light.
  4. Brain dump
    It is exactly like it sounds. On a piece of paper jot down all lingering thoughts. This allows you to let them go for the night.
    One client leaves a notepad by her bed. When she wakes up with rampage to-do-tasks, she writes them in the notepad. Works like a charm!
  5. CBD
    If you’ve tried the first four without success, it may be time to consider something outside the box. You’d want to talk to your doctor first!
    This has been a successful method for a few clients. Those who often woke up around 2 or 3 am now sleep through the night. Fully energized upon waking.Read this article to find out more about CBD.