In June, as a group, we are tracking our step count.

Step tracking begins Monday, June 5th and will continue through Sunday, July 2nd.

This is an 4 week challenge. What do you need to know about the challenge?


  1. Accountability
    • We will hold each other accountable for sharing how many steps we take each day.
  2. Raise awareness
    • Individually raising our awareness of how much we move.
  3. To learn and practice moving more and sitting less.
  4. Motivate those of us who may be having a sluggish day.

How to Track

  1. Use technology
    • all smartphones have a step tracker and step tracking log
    • wrist watches such as Fitbit, Apple watch, and other smart watches work great
  2. Using a basic step counter (click here to find one)
    • no smart phone
    • no internet or apps
    • just counts steps


  1. Take a snapshot of your step count each day
    • picture
    • screenshot
  2. Submit step count picture to “Christian’s June 2023 Movement Challenge”
    • using WhatsApp app on our phone’s
    • a link to our private group has been provided
  3. Must submit step by midnight each day
    • no exceptions


  • A penalty fee of $2 will be applied for each day step count is not submitted.

Our Charity

  • We will donate all penalty funds to the Organization Hope Atlanta

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. WhatsApp is not working. What do I do?
    • Text Christian a picture of your step count.
  2. I’m in a different time zone and submit after midnight. Am I penalized?
    • No. Your current time zone is honored.
  3. If my step counter doesn’t track, am I penalized?
    • No. Take a picture of whatever your step count reads. Even if it reads “0”.
  4. I forget to submit my step count before midnight. I suddenly remember and submit it at 12:07am?
    • The $2 fee goes into effect. Midnight or bust.
  5. How do I use WhatsApp?
    • Download the app to your phone
    • I will provide our private group link
    • If further issues arise, contact me.