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May 2024 Step Mini-Challenge

Starting May 1st and concluding Tuesday May 21st, as a group we are tracking one thing: step count That's it. Tracking begins Wednesday, May 1st. This is a mini challenge is designed to bolster good habits going into Memorial Day weekend. What do you need to know...

Winter 2024 Fitness Tracking Challenge

Starting February 12th, the Monday after the Super Bowl, as a group we are tracking three things: What and how much we eat. How much we move, à la counting steps. How much we weigh. Tracking begins Monday, February 12th and will continue through Sunday, March 10th....

A Workout Created by chatGPT

I had a client of mine ask chatGPT to create 4 week strength training workout regimen. I told him to be specific with three criteria. His goals, physical state (age, gender, injury history, etc.), and time available for exercise. Here is what it looked like. It seems...

June 2023 Movement Challenge

In June, as a group, we are tracking our step count. Step tracking begins Monday, June 5th and will continue through Sunday, July 2nd. This is an 4 week challenge. What do you need to know about the challenge? Goals Accountability We will hold each other accountable...

Can You Mistake Thirst for Hunger?

Can You Mistake Thirst for Hunger?

Does your stomach grumble an hour or two after a meal? Perhaps when you wake up you feel a growl. This is quite common for many of my clients. Often times it is simply confusing hunger with thirst. The two powerful cravings occur in the same part of our brain called...

Weight Loss Is Not Linear. Here’s Why.

Weight Loss Is Not Linear. Here’s Why.

A client of mine was following a weight loss program. It consisting of fruits and veggies, strategic fasting, along with daily exercise. She eliminated added sugar, preservatives, and alcohol. It was going great until one fateful morning. She weighed 3 pounds heavier...

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