Hidden off Pharr Road you’ll discover the best Thai patio dining experience in Atlanta.

You’ll notice a lively yet elegant living room. The interior is lined with an assortment of artifacts, light fixtures, art work, and furniture that exemplify it’s Thai roots.

Bangkok Station is quite spacious with a tall ceiling. I highly recommend the patio for the upcoming days of Fall.


As you hope for, most items on the menu include traditional southeastern Asian wood noodles. Most entrees have a bit of a kick to them, but you can opt for something of a tamer nature.

I like spicy food. The ‘Drunken Man Noodle’ was an absolute gift. Just enough spice with the savory flavor that makes you say ‘mmmm’. Ashley ordered Thai Fried Rice but seemed more interested in my meal than hers.

The fitness world may classify our dinner as a ‘cheat meal’. However, the portion sizes were precisely what you want. I felt completely satiated without feeling too full.


I would consider Bangkok Station as a great dinner spot. Perfect for a date or dinner with parents/adult kids. You go here to have a fun dining experience and perhaps a tropical cocktail.

Bonus, there is plenty of parking.